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Business First


Ecotone embraces the concept of Business-Oriented Architecture. BOA’s fundamental principle is about making business logic the primary citizen in your application. It shifts the focus from technical details to the actual business processes. No more struggling about integrations, configuration or lack of resiliency. This is revolutionary way of developing PHP Applications that have roots in Domain Driven Design.
Ecotone is here so we can deliver quickly, yet using powerful concepts like Messaging based on Enterprise Integration Patterns, well known building blocks like Aggregates, Sagas and Event Sourcing.
Probably you may have some questions on how Ecotone can help your project succeed, and why it's worth to use it. Ecotone's documentation is powered by AI, so you may ask it a question directly. To ask the question go to "Search" in top right corner, then type your question. For better understanding by AI, write your questions so they end with question mark e.g. What features Ecotone provides?

Business Oriented Architecture

Ecotone's enables Business Oriented Architecture with three main pillars:
  1. 1.
    Resilient Messaging - At the heart of Ecotone lies a resilient messaging system that enables loose coupling, fault tolerance, and self-healing capabilities.
  2. 2.
    Declarative Configuration - Shiift from imperative to declarative programming simplifies development, reduces boilerplate code, and promotes code readability. It empowers developers to express their intent clearly, resulting in more maintainable and expressive codebases.
  3. 3.
    Building Blocks - Ecotone provides powerful building blocks that facilitate the implementation of business logic. Those building blocks are based on well known patterns like Aggregates, Sagas, Projections etc. Building blocks provide an API for the applications and make it easy to build and connect complex business workflows.
Ecotone works with other popular PHP frameworks Symfony, Laravel and can be run stand alone or with any other framework (e.g. Laminas, CodeIgniter, Magento) using Ecotone Lite.

How to get started

Check how to install Ecotone for Symfony, Laravel or Lite.
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