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Become sponsor of Ecotone's author - Dariusz Gafka.
Dariusz Gafka: "Ecotone is open-source licenced under MIT, which means you will be always able to use it free of charge. The sponsorship is therefore optional, yet I highly appreciate it. This is a way of saying thanks, for my personal investment of almost 7 years of continues work. Work which I put into building Resilient Messaging Patterns based on EIP and all the other features Ecotone provides, which are now available for the community."


In order to get you and your team, up and running with Ecotone quickly and to build understanding around topics like Resilient Message Driven Architecture, DDD, Event Sourcing, you may schedule workshop with Ecotone's founder Dariusz Gafka.

Ecotone Basics - Workshop

This workshop is built around 3 topics, which will build shared understanding on how to use Ecotone to refocus the code base back on the Business Domain Logic using Message-Driven architecture. We will touch important topics like Messaging, asynchronous processing, system resiliency and fault tolerance. We will explore DDD Aggregates which we will connect to Message-Driven architecture and most importantly we will explore how to test it all together.

The basic tutorial includes:

  1. 1.
    Resilient Messaging - What is Message-Driven architecture, how to use it for decoupling the system and how to make the application self-heal application and recover from errors.
  2. 2.
    Building Blocks - What are Aggregates, how can we use them to protect our business logic and how can they be connected to Messaging.
  3. 3.
    Testing - Testing in Message-Driven architecture, Aggregates and asynchronous scenarios.
Price: 1500 EUR Place: Online Duration: Up to 5 hours Seats available: Up to 10 people


In case of specific questions or problems, Ecotone's founder is available for consulting sessions. Consulting session allows for pair programming, discussing your business or technical problems, or even doing mini-workshop from the topics you're interested in. Consulting session happens online at previously scheduled day for up to 5 hours. Price: 1200 EUR Place: Online Duration: Up to 5 hours


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