Message Consumer

Message Consumers allows you to connect your Service (application) with other Services, that can be written in different language or not using Ecotone's Distributed Bus.

Modules Providing Support

Message Consumer Implementation

Consumer allow use to customize experience to fetch from chosen source:

class Consumer
    // 1. Message Consumer
    // 2. Method declaration
    public function execute(string $message, array $headers) : void
        // do something with Message
        // if you have converter registered you can type hint exact type you expect
  1. Message Consumer - This tells Ecotone to consider given method to be message consumer. First parameter is used as Consumer Name and this is how it will be run.

  2. Method declaration - Depending how you define your method declaration, this way you will receive Message. In case of type hint for string then Message payload will be delivered to you as string (xml/json however it's formatted).

Connecting Message Consumer to external broker, fetching message and converting it given class is done for you. All you need to do it set up Extension Object of given type in your Service Context to use Message Consumer with given integration.

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