Before we start tutorial

Setup for tutorial

Depending on the preferences, we may choose tutorial version for

  1. Use git to download starting point in order to start tutorial

git clone
# Go to symfony-tutorial catalog

2. Run command line application to verify if everything is ready.

There are two options in which we run the tutorial:

  • Local Environment

  • Docker (preferred)

/** Ecotone Quickstart ships with docker-compose with preinstalled PHP 8.0 */
1. Run "docker-compose up -d"
2. Enter container "docker exec -it ecotone-quickstart /bin/bash"
3. Run starting command "composer install"
4. Run starting command "bin/console ecotone:quickstart"
5. You should see:
"Running example...
Hello World
Good job, scenario ran with success!"

If you can see "Hello World", then we are ready to go. Time for Lesson 1!

pageLesson 1: Messaging Concepts

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