Message Publisher

Message Publisher provide abstraction to send Message to other Services. This way you can send message with simple interface without exposing Message Broker implementation and keeping possibility to easily switch implementation when needed.

Modules Providing Support

Message Publisher Interface

interface MessagePublisher

    // 1
    public function send(string $data, string $sourceMediaType = MediaType::TEXT_PLAIN) : void;

    // 2
    public function sendWithMetadata(string $data, array $metadata, string $sourceMediaType = MediaType::TEXT_PLAIN) : void;

    // 3
    public function convertAndSend(object|array $data) : void;

    // 4
    public function convertAndSendWithMetadata(object|array $data, array $metadata) : void;
  1. send - Send a string type via Publisher. It does not need any conversion, you may add additional Media Type of $data.

  2. sendWithMetadata - Does the same as send, allows for sending additional Meta data.

  3. convertAndSend - Allow for sending types, which needs conversion. Allow for sending objects and array, Ecotone make use of Conversion system to convert $data.

  4. convertAndSendWithMetadata - Does the same as convertAndSend, allow for sending additional Meta data.

How to use Message Publisher

Publisher is a special type of Gateway, which implements Publisher interface. It will be available in your Dependency Container under passed Reference name. In case interface name MessagePublisher:class is used, it will be available using auto-wire.

public function whenOrderWasPlaced(OrderWasPlaced $event, MessagePublisher $publisher) : void
            "system.executor" => "Johny"

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