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Service Activator

Service Activator PHP
The Service Activator connecting any service available in Depedency Container to an input channel so that it may play the role of a Endpoint. If the service produces output, it may also be connected to an output channel. Alternatively, an output producing service may be located at the end of a processing pipeline or message flow in which case, the inbound Message's "replyChannel" header can be used. This is the default behavior if no output channel is defined.

How to register

class Shop
public function buyProduct(int $productId) : void
echo "Product with id {$productId} was bought";

Possible options

  • endpointId - Endpoint identifier
  • inputChannnelName - Required option, defines to which channel endpoint should be connected
  • outputChannelName - Channel where result of method invocation will be
  • requiredInterceptorNames - List of interceptor names, which should intercept the endpoint