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Configuring Connections

Configuring Multi-Tenancy is straight forward, all we need to do is to define Conncetions for Tenants and mapping.

For new Connections

For new connections, you may register in your DI Container DbalConnection using DSN.

"tenant_a_connection": Ecotone\Dbal\DbalConnection::fromDsn(getenv("TENANT_A_DATABASE_URL"));
"tenant_b_connection": Ecotone\Dbal\DbalConnection::fromDsn(getenv("TENANT_B_DATABASE_URL"));

and then we can setup Mapping

final readonly class EcotoneConfiguration
    public function multiTenantConfiguration(): MultiTenantConfiguration
        return MultiTenantConfiguration::create(
            tenantHeaderName: 'tenant',
            tenantToConnectionMapping: [
                'tenant_a' => 'tenant_a_connection',
                'tenant_b' => 'tenant_b_connection'

Sending Message in Context of Tenant

`We've defined tenantHeaderName as tenant in our Mapping configuration. This means we can now pass tenant context under this name using Message Headers (metadata).

final readonly class CustomerController extends Controller
    public function __construct(private CommandBus $commandBus) {}
    public function placeOrder(Request $request): Response
            new RegisterCustomer($request->get('name')),
            metadata: [
                // This is the Message Header that will be used for mapping tenant
                'tenant' => 'tenant_a'
        return new Response(200);        

This way we are telling Ecotone, that we want to execute this Command in context of tenant_a.

Defining Message Handlers

We define Message Handler the same way we would do it for Single Tenant application. Yet we need to be aware that we need to make use of correct Connection for the job.

final readonly class CustomerService
    public function handle(
        RegisterCustomer $command,
        // Injecting Connection for current Tenant
        #[MultiTenantConnection] Connection $connection
    ): void
        // store Customer

By marking Connection with MultiTenantConnection, Ecotone will understand that it should inject Connection for Tenant in current context.

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