Time to Live

We may define Time to Live for Messages. This way if Message will not be handled within specific amount of time, it will be automatically discarded. This is useful in scenarios like sending notifications, where given notification like One Time Password may actually have meaning only for 5 minutes.

Static Time to Live

You may delay handling given asynchronous message by adding #[Delayed] attribute.

#[TimeToLive(new TimeSpan(seconds: 50))]
#[EventHandler(endpointId: "welcomeEmail")]
public function sendWelcomeNotificationWhen(UserWasRegistered $event): void
   // handle welcome notification

The delay is defined in milliseconds.

Dynamic Time to Live

We may send an Message and tell Ecotone to delay it using deliveryDelay Message Header:

    metadata: ["timeToLive" => new TimeSpan(minutes: 5)]

Asynchronous Message Channel need to support this option to be used

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