Document Store

Document Store provides set of functionalities to store and retrieve JSON, Arrays, Objects, and Collection of Objects in a way that you are free from knowledge about storage and serialization and deserialization.

How to use

If you have installed supporting module like DBAL, then it's automatically registered in your Depedency Container.

final class UserStore
    public function __construct(private DocumentStore $documentStore) {}

    public function store(User $user): void
        $this->documentStore->addDocument("users", $user->getId(), $user);
    public function getUser(int $userId): User
        return $this->documentStore->getDocument("users", $userId);

The first parameter, which in above example is "users" is collection under which users will be stored. You may use different collections for different objects to separate them. In store method we are passing User object to addDocument Ecotone will convert this object to JSON and store it chosen provider's storage. When we fetch the user using getDocument we are passing the saved collection name and user id, the conversion back to the user will be done automatically.

Storing Aggregates in your Document Store

With Dbal Document Store you can enable State-Stored Aggregate Repository backed by Document Store.


You may store JSON or simple arrays, objects and collection of objects (User[]).

You will need to have Converter for JSON registered. If you are using ecotone/jms-converter, then it will be done for you.

Other Possibles Methods

Document Store provides set of methods, like drop whole collection, updating / upserting document, deleting and counting documents.

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