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loadAppNamespaces: bool (default: true)
cacheConfiguration: bool (default: false, production: true)
namespaces: string[] (default: [])
defaultSerializationMediaType: string (default: application/x-php-serialized) [application/json, application/xml]
defaultErrorChannel: string (default: null)
defaultMemoryLimit: string (default: null)
initialDelay: int (default: 100, production: 1000)
maxAttempts: int (default: 3, production: 5)
multiplier: int (default: 3)
serviceName: string (default: null)


Tells Ecotone, if should automatically load all namespaces defined for app catalog


Describes if Ecotone should cache configuration. If true, then Ecotone will cache all configurations this will increase application load time, but will results in slower feedback for the developer as cache will need to be removed on change if false, then Ecotone will not cache configuration this will decrease application load time, but will results in quicker feedback for the developer


List of namespace prefixes, that should be loaded aby Ecotone


Describes default serialization type within application. If not configured default serialization will be application/x-php-serialized,which is serialized PHP class.


Provides default Poller configuration with error channel for all asynchronous consumers.


Provides default memory limit in megabytes for all asynchronous endpoints


Provides default connection retry strategy for asynchronous consumers in case of connection failure.

initialDelay - delay after first retry in milliseconds multiplier - how much initialDelay should be multipled with each try maxAttempts - How many attemps should be done, before closing closing endpoint


If you're running distributed services (microservices) and want to use Ecotone's capabilities for integration, then provide name for the service (application).